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When it comes to specialised surveillance technology for remote surveillance, asset security, intrusion detection and other evidence and intelligence-gathering activities, EnviroCam is a leading distributor and integrator for government agencies and select other organisations.

With decades of experience in technical surveillance for law enforcement, EnviroCam excels in live-streaming and static surveillance equipment, independent of power and communication lines.

We search globally for surveillance products that are:

  • Easy to use and rapidly deployable

  • Designed to work in harsh environments

  • Engineered for extremely low power consumption and thus have a long field life

  • Proven to be highly effective

We also offer technical surveillance workshops, training and other bespoke services to assist with prevention and enforcement programs to combat risks in a variety of settings.

EnviroCam is based in Port Stephens, Australia yet serves the international community.

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Illegal Logging / Deforestation Surveillance


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